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What Does ISO 9001 Clause 8.5.5 Post-Delivery Activities Mean?

ISO 9001 Clause 8.5.5, "Post-delivery activities," pertains to the organization's responsibilities after the products and services have been delivered to the customer. This clause emphasizes the need for the organization to monitor and address any issues that may arise after the delivery.

Explanation of Clause 8.5.5

  1. Monitoring of Customer Satisfaction: The organization should monitor information and feedback related to customer satisfaction with the provided products and services. This information can be gathered through customer meetings, surveys, sales interactions, and other relevant means.

  2. Actions for Addressing Risks and Opportunities: If risks and opportunities related to the products and services become apparent after delivery, the organization should take appropriate actions to address these. This includes actions to enhance customer satisfaction.

  3. Legal and Regulatory Requirements: The organization should ensure that post-delivery activities meet any legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to the provided products and services.

  4. Warranty Provisions: If the organization has provided warranties for its products and services, it should fulfill these obligations in case of any defects or non-conformities discovered after delivery.

Clause 8.5.5 Example Manufacturer of Industrial Machinery

  • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring: The organization routinely collects feedback from customers regarding the performance of the machinery, any issues encountered, or suggestions for improvement.

  • Addressing Risks and Opportunities: Suppose the organization becomes aware of a potential safety risk in one of its machine models post-delivery. In response, it takes corrective actions to address the safety concern, which may involve issuing recalls, providing modifications, or improving user instructions.

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: The organization stays updated on any changes in safety standards or regulations relevant to its machinery. If there are new requirements, the organization ensures that the delivered products meet these standards.

  • Warranty Fulfillment: If a customer reports a defect covered by the warranty after the machinery has been delivered, the organization fulfills its warranty obligations by repairing or replacing the defective parts.

ISO 9001 Clause 8.5.5 Post-Delivery Activities

Clause 8.5.5 underscores the importance of ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to legal requirements even after the products and services have been delivered. It promotes a proactive approach to addressing issues that may arise post-delivery.

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