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What Does ISO 9001 Clause 8.5.4 Preservation Mean?

ISO 9001 Clause 8.5.4, "Preservation," focuses on the organization's responsibility to preserve the conformity of products and services during internal processing and delivery to the intended destination. Identification, handling, contamination control, packaging, storing, transmitting, or transporting, as well as protection, can all be included in the preservation clause.

Explanation of Clause 8.5.4

  1. Preservation of Conformity: The organization must preserve the conformity of products and services during internal processing. This means that the characteristics and features that make the products or services meet specified requirements should be maintained.

  2. Handling, Packaging, Storage, and Protection: The organization needs to establish and maintain procedures for the handling, packaging, storage, and protection of products and services to prevent damage or deterioration.

  3. Shipment and Delivery: For products and services that are shipped or delivered to customers, the organization must take measures to ensure that their conformity is preserved during transportation.

  4. Preservation for Inspection or Testing: If products or services require inspection, verification, or testing, the organization should ensure that preservation conditions are maintained until the activities are completed.

Clause 8.5.4 Example: Manufacturer of Electronic Devices

  • Internal Processing: During the assembly of electronic devices, the organization ensures that sensitive components are not exposed to conditions that could damage them, such as excessive heat or static electricity.

  • Handling and Packaging: Proper handling procedures are in place to avoid damage during assembly. Each device is then packaged securely to protect it from scratches or impacts during storage and transportation.

  • Storage Conditions: The finished products are stored in a controlled environment with suitable temperature and humidity levels to prevent issues like corrosion or malfunction.

  • Transportation: When shipping products to customers, the organization selects appropriate packaging and works with reliable carriers to ensure that the devices reach their destination without damage.

  • Preservation for Testing: If certain devices need to undergo testing or quality checks after assembly, they are preserved in a way that ensures their condition is maintained until these activities are completed.

This example of Clause 8.5.4 ensures that the products and services provided by the organization remain in conformity with specified requirements throughout the various stages of processing and delivery.

ISO 9001:2015 Clause 8.5.4 Preservation

Preservation clause 8.5.4 states that it is the responsibility of the organization to maintain product and service conformance during internal processing and delivery to the designated destination. In essance, it is about ensuring the product is not damaged and it is protected from the environment during the product's life under the organization's control.

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