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How to Distribute Policies and Procedures Online

Changes will happen much more quickly than you can process them if you're managing your policy and procedure documentation with an online internet system. In today's cutthroat corporate environment, existing mechanisms for publishing policies and procedures, such as keeping printed policies and procedures in a binder or on a share drive or server, are insufficient. Utilizing outmoded technology will reduce production and efficiency across the board. Why Should Policies and Procedures Be Posted Online?

Why it's Important to Provide Employees Online Access to Policies and Procedures

Having online policies and procedures software enables you to stay current with compliance changes. Regular education coupled with the online publication of policies and processes helps reduce compliance concerns. Although posting policies and procedures online is a straightforward fix, incorporating them into an intranet can be a costly and labor-intensive information technology undertaking.

Your business requires a solution to quickly update and publish your policies and procedures online that is affordable, simple to use, and doesn't require expensive software development knowledge or the maintenance of your own dedicated servers.

Procedures and Policies Are Crucial to Your Business's Operations

Your policies and processes are crucial to your everyday operations, from your company's employee handbook to your most recent compliance procedure. Unfortunately, conventional distribution techniques are insufficient, especially if your company routinely provides its employees with newly updated information.

Updating Procedures

Due of their difficulty in updating and propensity to become old, paper-based policy and procedure manuals have already been abandoned by many firms. The most straightforward option has been to use document management software to organize policies and procedures into folders on a server or shared drive. Software for handling paper documents is available.

Locating Procedures

Locate them, get them, and print them. With the management of policies and processes, we handle electronic documents, which are only files. Paper is may not the best medium for every technique or method.

Maybe you've struggled to find a policy or procedure on your server that you required right away. If you're lucky, another department isn't using that space as well. If you're like the vast majority of us, you're not so fortunate; other groups in your organization share space with you, and your meticulously designed, standardized navigation system degrades. Personal tastes and needs lead to a repository that is challenging to impossible to traverse and can lead to audit results for document compliance.

Procedure Medium

A procedure could be a Visio flow chart, process map, or graphical job help, as well as an audio or video file. There is no requirement for paper-based systems. Procedures are required by regulations like the FDA, ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, or Joint Commission, but there is no requirement that they be documented in writing. Just keep them under control.

The majority of corporate managers are aware that the next step for their rules and procedures is an online document management system (DMS). Although you might already have developed intranet policies and procedures for several departments, do you have a reliable way to manage your policies and processes online?

Although some people use it, the inefficient hierarchical folder arrangement on your shared drive has shown to be just as beneficial. Few businesses have the resources or technological know-how to create a unique policy and procedure solution from scratch.

Maintain Up-to-Date Policy and Procedure Documents

A complete policy and process software solution called Bizmasterz OnPolicy will do the following:

  • Enabling importation of all your current policies and procedures documentation;

  • Stop relying on your IT department for server and backup assistance;

  • Give your writers and editors easy access to MS-Word for content creation;

  • Give your editors and managers easy access to content for evaluation and approval;

  • Assemble a standardized collection of illustrative policies, processes, and forms;

  • Simplify the way you navigate, search for information, and organize your forms, procedures, and policies;

  • Keep track of the readings and usage by your employees;

  • Promote the conformity of your document standards; and

  • Allow you to only pay for what you actually use.

Import Policy Procedure Documents you Currently Have

You can easily maintain and import your current MS-Word templates and files to get the most value out of your current rules and procedures. At the click of a mouse, policies and procedures can be published online. You may easily publish hundreds of your documents to your staff by mass importing them.

Become Less Reliant on the IT Department

It used to be necessary for your IT department to post policies and procedures online, but that is no longer the case. You can publish your policy and procedure information without relying solely on your IT department if you use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) policies and procedures software. Your IT now only needs to provide minimal assistance during deployment and maintenance.

Simple Policies and Procedures Creation and Editing

There is no particular training needed to publish policies and procedures online. Your managers may simply edit documents by using conventional, well-known document editing tools (like Word) without the extra effort and expense of specialist training.

With the help of OnPolicy, a tool created by Bizmasterz, you can easily publish and promptly update your policies and procedures, training materials, process maps, company manuals, employee handbooks, and more over the Internet while giving your staff members effective resources for finding the information they require to perform their jobs. You can assess how well your system for managing policies and procedures is working by looking at the feedback the program automatically collects when online information is used.

Simple to Follow Policies and Guidelines

OnPolicy gives non-technical people a quick and simple way to publish and change policies and procedures online, from initial use through management. may be set up and controlled from any internet-connected PC without any additional hardware ongoing support from your IT professionals.

Utilize current policies and practices

Existing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe PDF documents can be readily imported into OnPolicy for online publication. All natural language searches will incorporate all metadata data.

Editing of Flexible Policies and Procedures

Authors and managers can write and amend online policy and procedure papers using the OnPolicy editing environment and Microsoft Word. To standardize your information, you can choose from thousands of pre-written policy and procedure document templates. Templates for policies and procedures can be altered to include different information formats, headers and footers, or other particular design standards.

Create an Online Version of all of your Word Policies and Procedures

Create an online format for thousands of MS-Word policies and procedures for quick navigation and employee access. In addition to providing for quicker updates, quicker access to a wider audience, and improved navigation for all of your users, publishing policies and procedures online with OnPolicy will lower production and maintenance expenses associated with managing policies and procedures. Your staff may rapidly access any amount of information saved in Microsoft Word documents online by importing that data into a straightforward system.

Onpolicy is the Best Online Medium for Policies and Procedures

The program speeds up the publication of your policy and procedure manuals while reducing the amount of time your IT personnel must spend supporting the project. OnPolicy enables remote document management and collaboration between many writers.

OnPolicy policies and procedures software helps you save money overall. Your project deadlines will be 90% shorter because to its excellent SaaS technology and policies and procedures library, which also provides robust features for the effective maintenance of policy and procedures over time. Join our free trial and tell us what you think if you want the best way to publish policies and procedures online.

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